How to Never Run Out of Ideas For Your Videos!

Let’s talk about every creator’s biggest struggle and how you can be better than 93% of creators out there.✅

Many creators struggle with…. (drumroll please) ……..

✅Making Great Content!✅

When starting off the 93% out there start making videos that only they think are good. So as a result, they don’t get the most views, or any likes, or the worst: not a single subscriber 😩

They get frustrated, give up too early and they run to make excuses: “I have no more ideas to make videos”😞

Let’s explore how we can overcome that problem together. 🤝

Here’s great insight to get unlimited ideas for your videos.

 #1 (free) You can check YouTube for some inspiration. Using the magical search bar. Look at other YouTubers that have 100k+ views and subscribers. 📈

Look at other YouTubers that have million+ of views and subscribers and even more. Model what’s working for them. (Subtitles, transitions, and sound effects to name a few). ✅

These small changes are the little things that make the video more engaging and help you reach your YouTube goals. 🙌

#2 Use SEO Tools to help find video ideas. These services cost a penny or two but come a long way as they give you more ideas for your videos. They give you data if the keyword phrase is good or not. This can be signaled by search volume and competition for that specific keyword. (Daily video ideas are even suggested). 🚀

You can enjoy a free trial for these: VidIQ or TubeBuddy. 

Just like how you use a microwave to heat up your food every time instead of starting a fire from scratch. An invested tool can come a long far way to achieve your desired results faster. 📈

#3 (free) Ask the People. Knowing what the people want to watch and giving them what they want to watch. HMMMM. Call me crazy but that sounds like a million-dollar idea. 💰

You can look at the comment sections of your videos. You can create surveys and polls asking more questions about what your audience wants to watch. Even ask questions in small community groups on Reddit, Discord, and FaceBook. 📲

If you do all these things, CORRECTLY. You will achieve YouTube success! You can even speed up the process by clicking the magical red button below!

-Ricardo Rodriguez

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